• Honesty & Integrity

    We have HONESTY & INTEGRITY - we speak the truth, to others and to ourselves. We uphold our principles and values, because they keep us on the right path.

  • Authenticity

    We are AUTHENTIC - we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We want everyone to have fun, experience happiness and enjoy the freedom of walking wherever, whenever.

  • Inclusive & Kind

    We are INCLUSIVE & KIND - we want everyone to feel the benefits of consistent movement, because there are no limits! We listen to others, and offer a sympathetic ear when needed. We are gracious in our triumphs, and our falls.

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    We are DETERMINED - we don’t back down when it gets tough. We push through and we persevere because that’s who we are.

  • Daring

    We are DARING - we are bold in everything we do. We live our lives being adventurous and courageous because we thrive in that realm.

  • Appreciative

    We are APPRECIATIVE - we express gratitude for all we have in the world.

  • Curiosity & Collaboration

    We are CURIOUS & COLLABORATIVE - we continue to search for answers and push the boundaries of what is possible. We explore what we haven’t explored before, because there is no better feeling. We help each other achieve what we haven’t before.

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