How do I set/change my daily goal?

You can set your goal during the signup process and you can select either a goal using distance (km) or with steps. If you aren’t ready to set your goal at this time, you can do it once you have set up your account. Go to SETTINGS, select GOALS, then ADD NEW GOAL. Choose the unit of measurement (either DISTANCE or STEPS) and the amount.

Can I pause a WALK?

You sure can! If you like to pick up some groceries, or stop and have a coffee during a WALK, you can press PAUSE - take a ‘break’ - then when you’re ready to resume, go back into WALKS and press PLAY. Your start time will remain, your finish time will be when you press FINISH and then SAVE but ‘WALKING TIME’ will be for only the time you were moving. Therefore, your average speed won’t be affected!

How do I add a photo to my walk?

After you’ve recorded your walk and pressed FINISH, a summary will pop up on your screen which shows you; walking time, km’s covered, steps, average speed, finish time and start time. In the top right hand corner, there are three vertical dots. Tap on these dots and two options will appear - EDIT & DELETE. Tap on EDIT, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on ADD IMAGE. You can now TAKE A PHOTO and use this, or you can CHOOSE FROM LIBRARY.

What if I forget to press START NEW WALK - can I enter a walk manually?

Yes you can. If you know roughly how many kilometres you've walked and the time taken, you can enter your walk manually. Go to WALKS, press ENTER WALK MANUALLY. Enter the distance in km, enter the steps (roughly 1,335 x km travelled), scroll and select the correct date, select start and finish times. If you have a photo, you can add this too. Then press CREATE WALK.

How do I start and maintain a streak?

First you’ll need to set your goal (see the other FAQs on how to do this). As soon as you’ve set your goal and recorded a walk, you’ll automatically be on your way to a 3 DAY STREAK. Once achieved, you’ll receive a 3 DAY STREAK STAMP. Walk and hit your goal for another 2 days and you’ll hit your 5 DAY STREAK and receive a 5 DAY STREAK STAMP. You now only need to walk for one more day to hit your 7 DAY STREAK, as you can have a rest on day 7 - your 7 DAY STREAK STAMP will be awarded when you start walking again (and hit your goal) on day 8! Remember, you need to record your walks daily, along with hitting your goal each day. A STREAK will remain in place if you hit your goal daily for SIX (6) DAYS IN A ROW.

How do I make sure that Walksport tracks my walk?

Walksport can track your walk and show on the map (live) where you’ve walked and the distance travelled. To ensure you can use the feature, make sure that you have allowed Walksport access to your location, including your ‘Precise Location’. To do this;

  • In the app, switch on ‘Record my walk route location’ within the WALKS screen OR within the SETTINGS screen under ‘Walk Preferences’.
  • Under settings in your phone (Apple) - scroll down to WALKSPORT, or use the search option, select LOCATION, ensure ‘While using the App’ is ticked and ‘Precise Location’ is on.

At the end of your walk, you can select ‘VIEW MAP’ to see the map of where you’ve walked and each kilometre marker. You can also share your mapped walk along with your walk stats by clicking on the ‘SHARE’ button when viewing the map.

Can I hit my daily goal with multiple walks?

Yes you can!! For example, if you’ve set your goal at 4km per day and you record a 2km walk in the morning - you’ll notice on the HOME screen under MY PROGRESS - your progress indicator will be at the halfway mark. Then, when you walk and record a second 2km walk in the afternoon, your goal progress will indicate ‘complete’. You can record as many walks (within a 24 hour period) as you like to hit your goal!

What’s the difference between PAUSING and having the App run in the background, and PAUSING and then closing the App?

You will use less battery if you PAUSE your walk and then close the App, especially if you intend having say an hour long break eg., for lunch, rest, shopping etc. Note; having the App run in the background is like minimising your screen - you would do this when you take a photo during a walk and you switch between apps. Closing the app (after you’ve hit PAUSE) - is like clicking the ‘x’ in the top right corner on a desktop - or swiping up to close open apps on your phone. When you open the App again - your PAUSED walk will be there waiting for you to either continue or finish & save.