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Walksport is for walkers. It is a walking app that has everything you need to plan your walks,
track your progress and make walking a consistent part of your life.

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Plan, Set, Track

Having a plan in place before you walk out the door is a great way to stay on track, literally! With Walksport, you'll know exactly how close you are to reaching your goal. Setting a realistic, simple & achievable goal feels great. Walking consistently with Walksport means managing, monitoring and achieving your goal is in your hands!

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  • I LOVE IT!!

    Just wanted to give you some feedback on the App. I LOVE it!! It's got everything I want on the one screen and is so easy to view as I'm walking along. It's great to see the completed route when I'm finished and the km points along the route are a great idea. I'm new to distance walking and the Walksport app is my go to tool.

  • Best Walking App!

    love Walksport! I never used to go for walks, only very occasionally. Now I'm walking everyday so I can see my streak go up.

  • The only walking app I'll use from now on!

    This app really motivates me to walk everyday, keeping me on track and on top of my daily walks.

  • I'm a walking fanatic

    Easy onboarding and clear concise information. Love seeing the kms and steps on the same screen.

  • So Impressive 💎💎💎

    Thankyou I really need help to stay motivate to walk for my well-being.

  • I need this in my life

    Ever since I downloaded this app, my mental and physical health has improved.

  • Highly Recommend

    This app is such great quality and encourages me to walk even more every day!

  • I'm a walker and I love it!

    Great app for walkers. Easy to use. The Feats that keep me on track.

  • Great App

    First time using Walk Sport App today. Really enjoyed the experience. Easy to use, accurate speed and distance recorded.

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We love (and try) to walk every day! Every day is a deliberate choice to be consistent.  For us it means showing up daily, consciously prioritising a healthy, daring, fun-filled life.

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