Why the same old beaten track is good!

Why the same old beaten track is good!

There’s a lot to be said about tradition, convenience and reliability. And in my book, it’s all good! 

Every now and then an adventure is wonderful - a fly by the seat of your pants wander into the unknown. It’s good for the spirit and good to mix things up. There’s a time to walk a path you haven’t been down before where you could get lost, find your way, get lost again and then discover something wonderful. 

I’m a part-time advocate for adventure and I save this for when I have time off from work, or it’s school holidays or I have a less busy work week. My day-to-day schedule means I need to stick to a plan so I get through all the things that need to be done, and so the convenience and reliability of walking the same route means I fit a walk in every day, even if it’s not that thrilling!

I love walking that old beaten track that I’ve done so many times before. There’s no shame in it - there are so many benefits!

1. I know exactly where I’m going and exactly how long it will take. And when I have to get ready for work and the kids ready for school and the bins need to go out or our neighbour needs a hand with a delivery in the morning, it’s good to know how my walk will fit into my day. I know when I can leave and when I will be back.

2. I don’t need to pay too much attention, so I can listen to my latest favourite (history/comedy/fun fact) podcast and really get into it. I don’t need to look at street signs or think about my route. It’s already burned into my brain.

3. It gives me a chance to think through my day and plan ahead. Auto-pilot in my feet means I can focus on the one or two things I haven’t organised yet. It also means I can make calls to make arrangements. I’ve made doctor and dentist appointments, called the kids school, ordered croissants for an event, arranged babysitters, and checked if the right size soccer boots are in stock while walking my same old route!

4. Rain, hail or shine, my route is predictable, so the weather isn’t a deterrent. I know where to cross the road and how to avoid the puddles and when it’s cold I know which side of the street I should walk on to catch the sun.

5. I do an urban walk from my front door, around my neighbourhood, so I also know that I’ll pass by the supermarket, which has been super convenient when we’ve run out of bread!

It’s all about making it easy to fit a walk in every day. For me that means the same path that will take the same amount of time regardless of when I walk it. It’s reliable and it means I can fit it in and know what to expect.

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