Beginning, middle or end: 3 times of day to walk

Beginning, middle or end: 3 times of day to walk

There’s a lot to be said about all the things we pack into our days.

Adding a new element, like a walk, might seem impossible and your internal dialogue might be saying: When will I find the time? How will I fit it in? How will I stay motivated?

We’re advocates for planning and making walking part of your routine, because if you’ve already allocated the time, you know it can work and you’re more likely to try.

Having a plan will help you set your expectations, making it easier to communicate to your family/work/friends and helping you to stick to your goal. 

And sure, plans change, things get thrown in the mix, not everything is in our control. But a plan and making a walk part of your daily routine will help you set your goal, put on your shoes and walk out the door.

But what’s the best time of day to walk?

Well, any time of day is best! It’s whatever works for you. When you’re looking in your calendar for your daily routine, read the benefits of walking at the different times of day. Then set a plan. It’s the best way to make it happen. Every day.


Morning to kick start your day

A morning walk has many benefits; it gets you up and moving after a night’s sleep. Depending on how early you get up, you might see a sunrise and it may mean there are less people around, making it a mindful experience of your very own.

Going for a walk in the morning:

  • Improves your mood for the start to the day because you’ve already achieved a goal
  • Gives you mental clarity and focus and helps you to wake up
  • Ticks off your healthy action first thing, giving you a sense of accomplishment
  • Helps you to warm up to the day


Lunchtime to break up the day

Whether you work or study, care for someone, read throughout the day, shop, build, sit behind a computer or are on a shop floor, there are many benefits to breaking your day up with a walk.

Taking a lunchtime walk:

  • Boosts productivity and focus
  • Gives you an opportunity to use muscles that you haven’t used during the morning
  • Changes your scenery so you get a mental break as well as a physical break
  • Combats fatigue, particularly when doing repetitive tasks


Evening for down time

At the end of the day, you might be tired or getting ready to prepare dinner. But throwing a walk in at the end of the daylight hours has many benefits.

Going for a walk in the evening:

  • Puts a marker between your day-time and night-time activities
  • Is a way to draw a line in the sand for any stresses of the day, helping you to unwind
  • Improves quality of sleep at night
  • Healthy way to socialise if you invite a buddy


Our Walksport app is coming soon to set your goal and track your progress.

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